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We commonly see trees which are not getting the nutrients they need, which is causing them damage and preventing their proper growth. This may be because the tree is in a heavily planted area and therefore competing with lots of other plants for the nutrients in the soil, or simply because the sail conditions in the area are not optimal for that tree. Fertilization is a great way to get nutrients to the tree’s roots directly, to make sure it stays in great health and can grow properly. If you’re worried about the tree care on your property, get in touch and we can assess if they need some extra help.

Do I need tree fertilization?

We will be very happy for a member of the Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati team to attend your property and assess whether or not you need to add extra nutrients to your yard to support the healthy growth of trees there. We often see that in urban and suburban environments, trees don’t have easy access to all of the nutrients they need because of the heavily managed urban setting, and the influence of human interaction with the environment. Even in a beautiful backyard, your tree might not be getting everything it needs because it is competing with your turf, your veggie garden, flowers and other plants for the same supply of nutrients.

Signs your trees need a little extra help

If your trees are not growing as well as you would like, have lost their leaves or are showing signs of damage or stress, it could be time to have them assessed by an expert member of the team. We will check them over for pests and disease in the first instance in case this is the cause of the problem – and if this is not the case, then fertilization and a quick boost of nutrients can be a great option. Think of it like giving a sick child some delicious soup to help them recover – a kickstart to get your trees back to full health in no time at all.

What happens when you fertilize my trees?

A member of the team will assess the needs of your trees and yard - we may advise deep root fertilization in which specialist products, chosen according to the tree type and condition, as well as the soil in your area, are added deep in the soil for the tree to access. Alternatively, we may choose to enhance the nutrient content of the soil in general with our effective and safe fertilizer products. The process will be discussed in full, and we are very happy to answer any questions you might have about fertilizing trees and tree health in general.

Our Fertilization service

Interested in learning more about our Fertilization service? Our professional team at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati is here, ready and waiting for you! How we will treat your trees depends on their type, condition, and the soil in the area. We will fully discuss the options available with you when we visit your property, and can provide a free no obligation estimate for you to consider. After fertilizing the trees, we will be happy to offer any aftercare advice you need, including when the treatment should be applied again.

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