Tree Braces and Support Systems

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If you’ve experienced a storm and noticed some damage to your trees, it can be very distressing  - removing the tree entirely may be necessary if it poses a problem. However this would not be a first resort for any arborist. Our qualified and experienced arborists will work with you to assess any damaged trees in your yard or on your property, to see if some support can be used to help them continue to grow despite the damage sustained. There are different ways we can do this, and we will talk you through the options available to make the best choice for your circumstance.

When are tree braces and support systems used?

Here at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati, we know how important trees are to your property and yard. We would never fell a tree that could still thrive given a little help - and one option in this case is to use a tree brace or support system instead. We may look at this option if a tree has been damaged in a storm, if inadequate pruning over the years has caused its structure to be unwieldy, or if there is any isolated damage or previous disease which makes the tree unstable. Trees with poor root systems, or with co dominant stems might also be good candidates for cabling or bracing support.

What are the support options for my tree?

There are a number of different approaches we can take depending on the issue, and we will make a thorough survey of the tree and the surrounding area before making any suggestions about the approach. Dynamic or steel cabling can be used to support damaged branches in the tree canopy, for example, while through bolt bracing can be used where a limb has cracked or separated, and needs to be fully supported. We will choose the most suitable option, for the safety of your home and family, and the long term health of the tree.

What if we don’t use bracing or support?

Bracing and support systems are recommended when a tree or some part of the tree might be dangerous. If there is damage to the tree or the structure of the tree means that there are long or overextended limbs, these can be vulnerable to extremes of weather, storms and high winds. In this case, without bracing limbs and branches could fall during poor weather, posing a danger. If there is a problem with the tree’s root system, then the outcome could be even worse, with the entire tree toppling in high or gusty winds. It’s just not worth the risk.

Our Tree Braces and Support Systems service

The team here at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati will do everything possible to offer a Fertilization and  professional service to every customer we meet - new or old. You can rely on us to honestly assess and explain the damage sustained to your trees, and talk you through any options available for support systems to help them stay safe and thriving. There are pros and cons to each type of support system which we will explain, and can provide a number of different quotes if there are different suitable approaches out there.

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