Tree Care

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When it comes to tree care our great team at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati really know our stuff. We are delighted to offer a full, tailored tree care program to both individual and business customers, to make sure your trees are kept healthy and well looked after, with a minimum of fuss. This could involve regular visits to fertilize the trees and add essential nutrients into the soil, planned trimming and pruning, and emergency visits whenever there might be a problem following poor weather. Let us know how we can help!

Tailor made tree care for your home

For years, our team at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati has been working with local households to make sure the trees around their property are well looked after and can thrive. Trees are a great benefit to your home and yard, giving you something beautiful to look out at from your home, as well as providing shade and protection for the yard. However, they need care, which can be tricky for a busy family to arrange. Let us take your tree care issues off your hands, and provide a comprehensive service to keep your yard looking at its best.

Tree care for commercial and business settings

Tree care can get even more complex when you have a large area to deal with, such as in a commercial parking lot, or around an office building or housing development. We can help, with tree care plans to fit every budget. From trimming and pruning, to regular fertilization and mulching, we will make sure your trees are well looked after, and safe for the people around them. Trees are an investment, and we can ensure that your investment is safe, and continues to provide returns for you by delighting your customers and giving them a pleasant environment.

Typical elements of a tree care plan

Each tree care plan will differ - a yard with a large number of fruit trees will need different attention to an office building with decorative planting around the parking lot, for example. We will agree in advance the tree care plan which will suit you, but usual elements include regular, planned visits for fertilizing and mulching, according to tree type and soil condition, regular pruning and trimming, and comprehensive checks for pests and problems with disease, which can quickly develop and cause damage.

Our Tree Care service

Our team at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati has served many members of the local community over the years, tending to their yards and business properties. We get to know the trees and areas we are dealing with, which makes it easy for us to provide top notch care, even for the most delicate or unusual of trees. It’s easy to arrange a home visit using the online option on our website contact page, or just give us a call, and we can talk through what we can do for you. Find out much more details about us.

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