Tree Hazard Inspection

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

We would advise a tree hazard inspection if you spot any signs of tree damage, disease, or aging which suggest that the tree or branches might fall in high winds or other extremes of our climate. Falling trees and branches are extremely dangerous, and the risks should not be taken lightly. Not only can they cause injuries, they can damage your home and knock out power if they fall on electric cables nearby. Don’t take the risk - have your trees checked, so we can take proactive steps to protect them, your family and your home.

When do I need a tree hazard inspection?

Our team at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati offer planned inspections for your trees, and also inspections after storms or other events which may have caused damage to the trees on your property. It might also be a good idea to have your trees inspected if you’re buying a new property and there are old trees which may need special care, or even tree removal if they are unsafe. A tree hazard inspection offers peace of mind to you and your family, and will ensure that any dangerous trees or branches can be removed before they cause damage or injury.

Warning signs of tree damage and associated problems

Call us at Premier Tree Surgeons Cincinnati if you spot dead or damaged branches on trees in your yard, or near your property. If you see cracks in the bark, or areas where bark is missing from the tree, this might also be a sign of disease which needs to be investigated. Root problems can also be worrying, so if you see a tree which has mounding of soil around the base, especially if there are other symptoms like the tree is leaning or has damaged branches or small leaves, then this should be checked out.

The dangers of tree damage

The reason it is worth checking out the health of your trees is that falling trees or branches can cause significant injury and property damage. By having a proactive inspection we can check for issues and remove damaged branches, trim the tree or remove it entirely if we believe there is a risk of it falling onto your property, or damaging nearby infrastructure such as electric cables. Tree damage is extremely worrying, and taking a proactive approach is the best way to keep your family and home safe.

Our Tree Hazard Inspection service

We can come to your property to inspect the health of your trees either as a one off check after a specific event like a storm, or because you’ve spotted damage, or as part of your ongoing home care and maintenance. To see what previous customers say about us, have a look at the client reviews for our tree brace or support system and removal services, which you can find here on our website. And arrange a home visit quickly and easily by calling the number available here on the website - we’ll be waiting for your call.

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